If you’ve ever watched a baseball game, you are familiar with the term, “Just a bit Outside!”  At some point during nearly every game, the announcer is going to use the sentence to describe a pitch that has just missed being a strike.  If you are able to see it on the replay – you can often see just how close it came, but sure enough, it was just outside of strike zone.  And the best hitters in the game, like Cabrera, and Trout, and Harper……they have to learn to hit those pitches.  Because they are rarely going to get one coming right down the middle.  They have to make the most of the pitch that comes just a little outside of their sweet spot.  That is not unlike other areas of life.  Areas that we passionately pursue to be the best in.  Here’s the deal.  Pursuing anything with great Passion, will come just a bit outside of your comfort zone!  A touch outside of your ability.  Even a little outside of your Vision.

There’s No Passion without a Price.  We often ask “How Much?”  And if the price is to high for an item we want to purchase we might try to bargain it down a bit.   It’s a little more than we are ok with!  And we try to bring it into our comfort zone!  But there is a price for Passion – and we have to be willing to pay it.  Are we?  Have we been?  The generation that is coming along right now is looking for something that is worth giving everything to or they will be tempted not to give anything at all!  I wonder if as a parent, a Pastor, as one who professes Jesus as Lord and Savior, have I  given those coming along behind me an example of Passionate Living and Passionate Loving! There’s no better time than the present to make that a priority! With the Holidays fast approaching what will you pursue with Passion?  Will it be something that lasts; something to be handed down or off to one coming along behind,  or something that by the end of 2016 you will have forgotten and be fed up with.  Passion comes just a little outside of our comfort zone!   While we have covered the Price of Passion here, there’s one more aspect of Passion that we want to over – and we will do it next time!