Vision for the Road Ahead!

Adding Vision & Value to Life

Free Falling!

So, it's been awhile.  And for that I apologize.  I actually love to do this, and the fact that it has been so long since I last jumped on has little to do with a lack of desire on my... Continue Reading →

The Importance of AND!

Growing up, I was allowed to watch cartoons on a Saturday morning while waiting for Dad to fix French toast for breakfast. (Just a glimpse into my childhood; it was the only thing Dad could make!)  As I enjoyed the... Continue Reading →

They Did Whaaaat?

There are those moments in life that make you say, "Whaaaat?"  Usually it's preceded by, they did, or he did or she did.  They did Whaaaat?   He did Whaaaat?  Now - most of the time it's not for anything good and neither... Continue Reading →

The Days of our Lives!

Ok, so I have to share this memory from childhood.  My dads gonna kill me, but here goes.  I distinctly remember as a child, pre-school and kindergarten age, cuz I'm home for lunch.  My dad was a full time evangelist. Means he... Continue Reading →

Ellipsis Eclipse(s)

Have you ever wondered why God seems to be answering everyone else's prayers but not yours?  Does it seem like He is always available for your friends, and semi-friends, (c'mon, it's  all those people who say they're your friends on Facebook... Continue Reading →

Too Long!

So it's been awhile since I last put thoughts into words and words onto paper (er, screen) and published on this blog.  I believe the whole idea of blogging is to consistently be sharing thoughts that will inspire and would otherwise... Continue Reading →

Living 10 in 2016

If you rated the past year of 2015 -  on a scale of 1 (being the worst year ever) to 10 (it was awesome) - what kind of a rating would you give it?  We did this exercise in church... Continue Reading →

The Price of Passion – 2

A few days ago, we talked about the price of Passion!  It centered on the fact that Passion is often times just a little outside of our Comfort Zone.  To live a life marked by Passion we have to be... Continue Reading →

The Price of Passion!

If you've ever watched a baseball game, you are familiar with the term, "Just a bit Outside!"  At some point during nearly every game, the announcer is going to use the sentence to describe a pitch that has just missed... Continue Reading →

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