One year my wife and I  took the girls to Fort Myers and made a purchase we didn’t think through at the time.  We bought a body board down at the beach.  It was a great idea until someone asked how we were going to get it on the plane!   So we wound up leaving it at the Condo.  That is not the part of the story that’s important.  (Except to the people who stayed at the condo after us!)  When I finally decided to try it out – I was watching countless people out on the waves – some on surfboard, some windsurfing, some on body boards and others just swimming. They were doing great – the waves just seemed to be moving them effortlessly along.  So I jumped on – only to be hit by a significant wave that caused me to lose the board, and be driven under.  As soon as I was able to get above the water and start to get my bearings, another wave came crashing over me.  This happened time and again until I was finally deposited ragged back in the shallows.   We wrapped up a series called “It’s Scary for me” this past week with a talk on Depression.  For some, that story is an accurate depiction of what life is like when depression sets in.  Wave after wave – and while others seem to be floating effortlessly you can hardly keep your head above the waves to get your bearings and then your struck again.  As we launch into all things Holidays, the difficult truth is these days ahead can bring about some pretty severe bouts of depression for some.  And that’s not even considering the people who have it seasonally AFTER it’s all over.  God’s Word gives us some insight into people who experienced this and how God reacted to them.  Two of the greatest of the Old Testament would surely be David – victorious over Goliath and powerful King of Israel; and Elijah – powerful prophet who called down fire and rain from heaven on the same day!  David would share where he was in Psalm 34:18 – “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; He rescues those whose spirits are crushed!”  A crushed spirit.  That’s even worse than a broken heart.  Broken hearts can be healed, (come on – remember the love of your life in Jr. High?  You got over it!)  But a crushed spirit?  That brings to mind concrete that has been sledgehammered into powder and pieces. Your not sure you can recover.  But David promises – from first hand experience – that the Lord rescues those who find themselves in that predicament.  Elijah actually is a little more of a process than even David.  He has experienced this wonderful victory, and yet within 24 hours he is ready to call it quits…..literally.  But God GENTLY restores him!  He doesn’t scold him – or tell him to put on his big boy pants.  He feeds him, He lets him rest, He prepares him for a journey, He assures him of His presence, tells him he’s not alone, and then gives him an assignment and puts him back to work.  Wow!  How incredibly cool is God.  And He speaks the same to you today.  You are not alone! You will get through this.  There is more for you to do and accomplish!  We will look at some practical aspects of what we can do in our next blog!  Thanks for reading!