Skydive 1

So, it’s been awhile.  And for that I apologize.  I actually love to do this, and the fact that it has been so long since I last jumped on has little to do with a lack of desire on my part.  I can only say that I will endeavor to improve.  It’s definitely not for a lack of things to write  about.  Since my last post, I bought a new car, had it completely totaled before I had made two payments!  Dad’s been in the hospital for over two months of this year, finally doing better.  We’re in a building renovation that has been time consuming, overwhelming, incredible, miraculous, overwhelming, educational, a spiritual journey, and – did I mention, overwhelming?  All of the above and then some.  One of those things that God gives vision for, but not necessarily the perception to know the journey it will take to get to  the end of the vision.  Because if He did, we might think the journey to extreme to reach the final destination, and we wouldn’t even start!  We have elected a new President – and purposely I didn’t touch that one! We have gone through natural disasters, man made disasters,  a war of words with North Korea, arguments over standing for the National Anthem, the break up of the Tigers, a new home opening for the Red Wings and Pistons…..and I have said nothing on any of it.  But something happened yesterday that helped put much of it into perspective.  Now, first of all, please understand I am not equating the break up of the Tigers with the election of a President, or an argument with football players as equal to an argument with a nuclear threat.  To be honest, in all that has happened, my dad, my car, and my church probably trump (forgive the play on words) all the others events.  It is the combination, however, of the personal (what you experience) along with the professional, (work and ministry) and the public (everyone’s experience) that leads me to sharing.  So why share now?  Glad you asked!

Yesterday, my wife took advantage of a birthday present I had purchased for her last year.  See, it was a significant birthday, and she said she wanted to jump out of a plane.  To throw her off of a surprise party we planned, I got it for her.  She’s had it for over a year, but only yesterday was able to make it happen.  We got there early for an all to  brief bit of training, as well as for her to read through the lengthy rules and regulations and sign off on each paragraph that basically said, “If you die, we’re not responsible!” Then, she was off – climbing to the height of 10,000 ft.  Finally, at maximum height and attached to an instructor, they jumped off.  After a quick couple of flips, they were in free fall – at a speed that reached 126 MPH.  With the earth seeming to approach at a break neck pace, the instructor pulled the chute, shooting them back up into the air a bit, before circling a few times and landing safely just a few feet from where I stood – mouth open, heart pounding, and all I had done was watch (and listen – I heard her before I saw her)!   Here’s the question and the reason for my post – Aren’t there times in life when it seems like the world, our nation, your family, or just you personally, are simply in free fall?   And are there not times when it seems like all of them combined are simply speeding through the air with devastation fast approaching on every front? What do we do, and where do we turn? It’s enough to take our breath away!  Another nuclear threat, another hurricane lingering, another flood, another senseless mass shooting.  Another accident, another hospital stay, another Dr.’s appointment, another fight with our spouse, more owed than what we have, another disappointment, another promotion for someone else.  Another, another, another.  The ground seems to be approaching so quickly!  It’s then that we need to be reminded,  we’re not in this alone!  Deuteronomy 33:27 says “The eternal God is your refuge, and his everlasting arms are under you.” You are not flying through space by yourself – you have an instructor who is with you.  He has “been there, done that,” so many times before.   None of this has caught Him off guard.  You do realize, He’s not in heaven saying, “Well, I didn’t see that one coming.”  He is, according to His promises, all around us and all over our situation!  “You go before me and follow me. You place your hand of blessing on my head.” Psalm 139:5.  Now, it doesn’t mean that we will ever avoid the disastrous situations as they speedily approach, but it does mean we can rest assured, we are not free falling alone!  He’s got this, He’s got you, and He knows when to pull the cord.  And you want to know the best part?  First thing Laurie said when she landed safely back on earth was, “I so want to do that again.”

God has the ability to even allow us to enjoy the ride; catch a view we might not otherwise have seen,  and experience Him in a totally new way!  When it seems like you have slipped out of life’s ride and are free falling into oblivion, instead, lean back into the one who has you!  He won’t let you go, and when you’ve landed safely – you’ll be able to share with others the ride you’ve been on.  Praying for you!