I wrote this short piece for a business blog and thought I would put it up on this site as well.  Might help someone putting out a memo! 

The importance of internal communication in a working environment can be summarized by three points!

 – Promote the Purpose – Helping employees know the overall goal and purpose for their task is vital to keeping everyone involved, on the same page and pursuing the primary goal.

 – Promote the Positive – With everyone knowing the purpose, having positive reinforcement and appreciation from within gives them a sense of ownership and responsibility.   Accentuating the positive in communication MOVES people in the right direction more than dwelling on the negative.  In fact, consistent positive communication makes people more open to constructive criticism when it’s needed. 

 – Personal Positive Promotion – Taking “internal communication” one step further is the ability of individuals to think and speak positively to themselves! Adrenaline is a great characteristic that everyone possesses. Adrenaline pushes us to meet deadlines and pursue excellence.  But adrenaline’s not sustainable.  Attitude is!  Internal office communication can assist with that, but the worker who maintains his or her own positive mindset, is the one who finds themselves irreplaceable!