Here’s the question – “Why another Blog…..and who really Cares?” I’ve thought about that – and here is a good part of the reason.  You ever read the directions on the back of a shampoo bottle?  Probably not……..but I have!  You know, just to make sure I’ve been doing it right all these years!  Nearly every bottle says the same thing – wash, rinse and repeat!  Now you and I both know they are really wanting you to make sure you use up that bottle as quickly as possible so that you have to get another one.  Truth is, I usually go with a one time wash.  But for other areas of my life, the wash, rinse and repeat direction is crucial.  Most of the time when I am preparing to speak, write, or even share one on one, I find myself needing to be reminded of what I am saying!  Having been given the opportunity to speak now for a number of years, I am fully aware that it is so much easier to say something than it is to actually put it into practice and make it part of one’s life! But we will never put into practice, what we are not saying, and we will not say what we don’t think.  But when you think it, speak it, and repeat if often enough, it has a better chance of becoming part of who you are!  How many times did Jesus have to repeat the same things over and over to His disciples!  Then there was the crash course that covered nearly everything He’d said for three years in that final week in Jerusalem.   So I find that change in my life is contingent on me repealing what hasn’t worked and repeating over and over and over what does.  Then it begins to stick.  So truth of the matter is, this blog is actually to help me – think, say, repeat – think, say, repeat, and then hopefully allow change to occur!  Maybe somewhere along the way, it’ll do the same for you!  Hope so.